“Building Families, Strengthening Marriages, & Bringing an end to the power and influence of pornography in our world.”

Pornography Use and Addiction Counseling

Pornography has reached pandemic proportions in our American culture and throughout the world. It deeply affects the lives of millions of people including children, adolescents and adults. Furthermore, it is highly addictive, wreaks havoc on the individual user and their relationships, and facilitates deep pain, guilt and shame in the lives of all who are caught in its grasp.

Here at Fulfilled Christian Counseling, my focus is on helping individuals break the bonds of pornography use in their lives by 1) addressing the underlying issues contributing to their usage patterns, 2) providing education on the cognitive-relational dangers of pornography, 3) helping them connect with appropriate sexual addiction recovery resources, and 4) rebuilding their relationship with their significant other as they work through resulting issues of infidelity, betrayal, and trust. 

Marital and Couple Healing

A primary focus of our work at Fulfilled Christian Counseling is helping dating, engaged and married couples rebuild the trust and emotional security between them after it has been disclosed or discovered that one member has been secretly using pornography, or that their use has contributed to other forms of acting out such as engaging in cybersex, having an affair, and paying for sex. In the majority of cases, the damage done to the relationship is significant, and the emotional effects are deeply traumatic. 

Thankfully, this is not the end of the story. Spouses and romantic partners have the opportunity to work with a professional counselor trained to help them rebuild the necessary trust and emotional connection between them, while also helping them get in touch with appropriate recovery resources that serve as an important supplement to the counseling process. 

Through the course of time, prayer, commitment and the needed clinical work couples can rebuild the foundation of their marriage or committed partnership, and move ahead in establishing the love and depth of connection that bring their relationship to life.

Eric Gomez, MS LMFT MHP
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Fulfilled Christian Counseling

Focus Areas: Christian Based Approach, Breaking the Sexual Addiction Cycle, Couple Counseling, Rebuilding Trust and Emotional Security, Individual Counseling, Addressing Guilt and Shame, Education on the Dangers of Pornography, Exploring Matters of the Heart Contributing to Pornography Use, and Putting One’s Christian Faith Into Action.


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