Welcome to our Fulfilled Christian Counseling videos page, where we will address multiple areas including building healthy relationships, communication, pornography, relevant cultural issues, Christianity, and more. We welcome your feedback and look forward to hearing if there are specific topics you would like us to address. Enjoy!

Prof. Stephen Porges on Understanding Psychological Trauma

Professor Stephen Porges & Dr. Gunther Schmidt discuss the Polyvagal Theory, and shed light on the different responses we experience under varying conditions of psychological trauma. 

Trusting the Lord in a Dark World

I am thankful that Scripture reminds us how important it is to trust in the Lord in the midst of a world filled with circumstances that would otherwise lead us to fear. I take a moment to address this notion of trusting in the Lord, while also discussing Proverbs 3:5 and Joshua 1.


Selfless Marriage: How to be Other-Focused with Your spouse

Selflessness provides you and your spouse with a far greater capacity to love each other daily, while curiosity, listening and following through on stated needs contribute to that desired aim.


Cultivating a Thankful Heart (A Reflection on God's Word)

Description: Cultivating a thankful heart is a message based on the framework of Psalm 119, Nehemiah and other key verses. We address 4 central points: (1) His Word is a Light, (2) His Word is the Truth Which Sets Us Free, and (3) His Word Points the Way to Salvation.

Sinfulness, imperfection & Christians praying for one another

Description: Sinfulness is something we shouldn't shy away from personally or in our culture. The reality is each one of us is imperfect, even sinful at times, but when and how are we considering ways to love and support each other as we seek to draw closer to the Lord and allow him to transform our hearts each day? I briefly address these issues in this video.

Marriage Insight: Communication Tools Aren't Enough

Communication tools are helpful, but they can't guarantee spouses will apply them. That is something contingent upon the nature of our heart, and more specifically our sense of humility. Humility allows us to engage tenderly with our spouse, truly listen to their stated needs, and remain dedicated to meeting those needs on a day to day basis. 

Christ Bringing Healing to a Broken World

I had the honor of speaking at Mesilla Park Community Church on September 2nd & 3rd, 2017, on the topic: Christ Bringing Healing to a Broken World. In this message, I address how (1) Christ became proximate to our world, in order that we would be able to know his love, grace and forgiveness, and (2) also share my story of overcoming pornography use through that same grace and love. 

Humility as the basis for a lasting marriage

Humility is an essential hallmark of a healthy marriage. On the other hand, pride is an essential driver of marital failure and conflict. Married couples who choose to remain humble before God create ongoing pathways for growth, change and vibrancy in their relationship over the long term.

Marriage Communication: repairing conflict through vulnerability and saying I'm sorry

Description: Repairing from a recent conflict with your spouse requires being vulnerable about the underlying concerns you're facing in your marriage, in addition to having the courage to say, "I'm Sorry." Doing so conveys you're willingness to take responsibility for what you said or did that had a negative impact on them. Both elements go a very long way in bringing couples back together emotionally.

Should Husbands Disclose Their Porn Use to Their Spouse? 

Description: Husbands, breaking the hold of pornography on one's life requires having the courage as a husband to be open about it with your spouse. This video addresses the painful and frightening elements of that process, while identifying the long term benefits of doing so, compared to the risks associated with your spouse accidentally discovering it on their own.  

When parents should begin to talk to their children about pornography?

Description: Parents, today is the time to begin talking to our children about healthy sexuality and the dangers of pornography. This video addresses how we can do so in an age appropriate way, while creating safety that enables us to help them build a needed foundation of wisdom to carry them throughout their lives. 

Exploring Relationships, Pornography Addiction, and How to Begin Overcoming It Through Honesty

Description: This video addresses how pornography negatively effects the overall health of a couple's relationship, and provides viewers with practical steps they can take to overcome their use through a process of honesty and seeking support from trusted others in their lives. 

The Power of Being Other-Focused in Marriage and Dating Relationships

Description: Being "Other-Focused" is one of the most important principles in any marital, dating or engaged partnership. This brief and relevant video defines what it means to be other-focused and discusses how you can apply this principle in your relationship starting today. Our reference is Mark 12:30-31.

Judging Our Own Heart First (marriage advice to dating, engaged and married couples)

Description: This video addresses how dating, engaged and married couples can strengthen their relationship and resolve presenting issues by taking time to judge their own hearts, before they ever seek to point out the faults of the other member. It also takes a brief look into the content found in Matthew 7:1-5, while helping couples understand why judging our own hearts can make a positive difference in how they communicate and interact with each other.

Marriage Advice to Engaged Couples on Premarital Assessments

Description: One of the greatest things an engaged couple can do to help them establish a healthy marital future is to invest in their relationship by taking a premarital assessment and going through the premarital counseling process. This video discusses why and addresses the different types of assessments available to engaged couples. 

Family Communication (Being Slow to Speak, Slow to Listen and Slow to Anger)

Description: Family interactions are at their best when driven by the principles found in James 1:19, which reminds us to be "quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to wrath." Following these three principles helps infuse a needed sense of safety and connection into a family system. This video address these elements in greater detail and highlights how we can live out our Christian faith each day with our families.  

How to Improve Listening in Marriage Communication

Description: Effective listening is a skill that can needs to be practiced and which can be enhanced, leading to greater potentials around emotional connection with your partner. This video discusses how you can improve listening in your marriage.

Applying Empathy in Marriage Communication

Description: Empathy is one of the most powerful means of developing heightened levels of understanding and connection in marital communication. This video addresses how you can practice empathy each day so you can effectively build the communication in your marriage.

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