Over and over Eric demonstrates a desire to see people develop and accomplish their God-given purposes in life. He consistently engages others in deep matters of faith and has been a great example of a quality man and husband to hundreds of other men here in our church. I believe in Eric. I believe in his family, his values, and his love for people.
— Pastor Frank Montgomery, Associate Pastor, Christian Faith Center
Me and my wife have found Eric Gomez to be an excellent counselor. I found him to be a great listener and he focused in on the specific issues that were holding us back in our communication. He helped us to be clear on the issues and gave us tools to work through and strengthen our marriage. I appreciated his listening, his ability to diagnose the specific issue, and his ability to work towards a positive direction. I also appreciate his encouragement for us to move forward without counseling once many of the issues were resolved. I feel like he is a great resource for us to help us take our marriage from good to great.
— Peter H.
After being a co-worker and co-therapist with Eric for a number of years, I am confident in saying that Eric brings compassion, insight, tenderness, and advocacy to each of his sessions. Eric, a voracious and heart-led learner, impressed me as being someone flexible in his thinking and mindful of those in his care. For that reason I am excited to see him be of service to those seeking guidance.
— Jason Victor, MS LMFT
We were stuck! We went to see Eric Gomez because of ongoing problems in our marriage that we were unable to get past. Eric helped us to see what the core underlying issues really were for each of us, and helped us understand how they were contributing to these problems and find ways to implement needed changes. As a result of following Eric’s recommendations, we are moving beyond these issues, and now have tools to build upon and make lasting changes. We thank God for bringing us to Eric Gomez, and recommend him highly.
— Anonymous