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Family Counseling

Work-Life Balance

If you are like many families today, you find it very difficult to balance the routine and speed of daily life, while also seeking to develop healthy relationships with those you love at home. I recognize that this dynamic often places great stress upon parents and their children, and can ultimately do significant relational damage over time. This is why I am dedicated to helping you successfully establish a needed sense of balance in your family life, in spite of prevailing cultural pressures to stay busy.

Resolving Family Conflict

Family counseling is a powerful resource you can apply toward mending recent conflicts or breaches of trust with members of your immediate or extended family. I've seen families accomplish those ends by having the courage to come together within a family counseling framework, and engage each other in a direct, open and loving manner. An important part of that process is working with a counselor specifically trained in family therapy, who understands how to guide all members involved to greater points of understanding, connection and resolution.  

A Christian-Based Approach (What You Can Expect)

At Fulfilled Christian Counseling, you can expect to engage in a safe environment where the input of each family member is valued, heard and understood. Family members will also be encouraged to apply the principles of their Christian faith as they seek to restore a greater balance to their lives, or work through points of between them. Family counseling requires time, commitment and effort, however the results can be tremendous if those involved are willing to be vulnerable and transparent with each other. 


I recommend scheduling 90-minute family therapy sessions due to the number of people often involved. Sessions can be scheduled on a weekly or every other week basis. I look forward to helping you find a day and time that work best for you and your family.

Warm Regards,

Eric Gomez, MS LMFT MHP
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Fulfilled Christian Counseling

Focus Areas: Christian Based Counseling, Communication, Conflict Resolution, Parenting, Extended Family Issues, Work-Life Balance, and Boundary Setting.


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