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Mom's, Children, and Needed Conversations About Pornography

Parent's are the primary rampart for their children against the onslaught of pornography and the sexual exploitation so prevalent in our culture. However, they may have questions as to how to engage their children in conversation about these topics or be uncertain as to when they should begin. For example, they may ask: "What should I say? Is my child too young?" These are legitimate questions I address in a recent presentation I gave at the Restoring Hearts Conference earlier this year in Bellevue, WA called Mom's, Children and Needed Conversations About Pornography. Restoring hearts is an incredible conference for women geared for women who have been impacted by sexual betrayal. I highly recommend checking out their website: www.restoringheartsconference.org

The recent shootings of multiple black men and police officers in America have given rise to increased racial tensions in our society. These events, along with notions of racial reconciliation and restoration, are addressed in this rich and thought provoking discussion with Shirley Lytle, a talented author, speaker, and counselor in the Seattle area. She also highlights her experiences as a black woman in American society, speaks to the traumatic impact of micro-aggressions facilitated by damaging racial narratives, and provides insight into the need for civil conversations aimed at addressing racial fears, as part of helping our society move through the progression of truth, reconciliation and restoration. 

The Power of Being Other-Focused in Your Marriage or Dating Relationship


This podcast identified how you can be other-focused in your marriage or dating relationship and addresses why it matters in the long term. We further look at how being other-focused relates to us developing healthy and emotionally connected relationships. (Music by Sergey Cheremisinov / Creative Commons License)

The Intersection of Masculinity, Fatherhood, and Pornography

This is my interview with pastor John Hammer from Sonrise Christian Center in Everett, WA. We took the bold leap into discussing the complex issues of masculinity, fatherhood and pornography. John candidly shares his experiences in dealing with pornography and talks about how he was able to overcome his usage through the support of his father, key friendships and his Christian faith. He also highlights his most recent book, EXXXIT, which you should definitely add to your must read list. John has an incredible story and I trust you will find his insights to be encouraging, relevant, and thought provoking. (Music by Sergey Cheremisinov / Creative Commons License)

Pastor John Hammer (Sonrise Christian Center)

Pastor John Hammer (Sonrise Christian Center)


The Importance of Curiosity in Couple Communication


Curiosity is a fundamental part of healthy communication in any marriage or dating relationship. This brief podcast defines and helps you learn to apply curiosity, while addressing the key benefits that follow from interactions in which it is utilized effectively. (Music by Sergey Cheremisinov / Creative Commons License)

How Empathy Improves Understanding in Marital and Dating Relationships


Empathy helps us to understand our romantic partner's perspective and facilitates heightened levels of communication and emotional connection that are simply not possible without it being applied. This podcast defines empathy and describes how you can become more effective at applying it in your relationship. (Music by Sergey Cheremisinov / Creative Commons License)