EXXXIT by John Hammer (A Moving Narrative on Overcoming Pornography)

John Hammer isn't someone you ever forget. He radiates sincerity, joy, and a refreshing humility. I met John a couple of years ago after he accepted an invitation to speak at a men's gathering I was helping facilitate at the time, which on that particular day centered on his newly published book, EXXXIT. We later connected again as part of a podcast I was putting together on The Intersection of Masculinity, Fatherhood and Pornography. It was during this meeting I had the opportunity to hear in greater depth how he overcame his struggle with pornography.

A Needed Perspective

EXXXIT chronicles his story in detail and serves as a moving narrative providing hope to those who understand what facing a struggle with pornography use is really like. It also uniquely provides the reader with an incredibly transparent view of the spiritual, emotional and relational effects of pornography, while addressing means of recovery in these domains. No book I've read on pornography to date captures the subject matter quite so holistically or personally. 

A Proper Focus

That being said, John makes the following known in the book introduction: 

"eXXXit is really about the freedom that comes through Jesus Christ. My goal is not to focus on how much pornography we can escape but how much of Jesus we can put on."1

Having worked with many individuals whose lives have been utterly rocked by pornography, I firmly believe John was right on taking this approach. Why? Because healing from pornography doesn't occur until the heart of the individual user is utterly changed, and in that sense, daily brought before the God who alone changes hearts.

Why It Matters 

I write all this to say, John has given us something special with EXXXIT. It is truly a book worth reading, and it is a timely resource considering that pornography continues to damage the lives of countless men, women and children every single day. As a result, healing from this substance is needed more than ever, and EXXXIT serves an an essential guide in this regard. I hope you won't delay in getting a copy for yourself and others. 

Very Best,

Eric Gomez, MS LMFT MHP
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Fulfilled Christian Counseling

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  1. Hammer, J. (2014). EXXXIT. Chambersburg, PA: eGenCo.