The Importance of Talking Openly About Pornography

Our society is changing as it relates to porn. People are finally beginning to address how harmful it is to our psychology, relationships, spirituality and society. Why is this so important? Because it places the true impact of pornography into the public sphere. No longer are we without personal stories and research to back up the claims of harm, nor do we have to tolerate the excuses made by the purveyors of porn telling us there is nothing wrong with it, that it's harmless, and that it's somehow good in the end. 

Fight the New Drug recently posted a video of 5 celebrities sharing their experiences with porn. What these celebrities had to say was right on, and I hope they will continue to publicly address this issue. However, my hope is that moms, dads, teachers, academics, pastors, politicians, businesses, teens and children will find ways to spur ongoing conversation about the realities of pornography as well.

Why? Because our voice matters and we are responsible for helping shape the condition of our society. If we don't like something, then we have the obligation to begin taking steps to make the situation better. Having informed, loving, non-judgmental and non-shaming conversations at home and in our broader community (i.e., schools, churches, social media, etc.) is a powerful place to begin.

Eric Gomez, LMFT
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

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