Letter to America on the Issue of Pornography

Dear America, to say that pornography doesn't confuse the human soul and breed immense, guilt, shame and spiritual and relational trauma is misleading at best. It not only does these things on a micro level, it disturbs the collective conscience, leading a society to integrate views of sexuality that distort its meaning, purpose and pleasure. The more it infiltrates, the more it becomes an accepted phenomenon, gradually working away at damaging hearts and minds. This results in a confused society that is reeling from the traumatic effects of pornography, yet glamorizing it and selling it to the masses. 

We must decide once and for all how we will face this confusion. The decision we make will have an immense impact on our culture, our friends, our family, and our children. It will also send a message about our view of human life and human sexuality. To minimize or dispense with such a decision, will send the message that our humanity is exploitable instead of something to be protected. Addressing the issue directly will remind our society their humanity, their person, does matter and is worthy of being preserved. 

Some individuals argue a decision to prohibit the production and distribution of pornography would violate our freedom of speech. I hold such a prohibition would not only preserve that right in full, it would serve as a bold declaration of our willingness to ensure the citizens of our great country are guarded against the spreading of a vile substance which causes them great harm. Moreover, pornography is not a legitimate form of expression. It is a blatant abuse of our humanity.

Consider the correlation between the production and distribution of pornography and the history of slavery in the United States. The latter involved the traumatic enslavement of black men, women and children in our nation in order to further the continuance and profit of certain industries. Even after the bloodshed of civil war and the adoption of the 13th Amendment, our society is still in chaos from the pain and divisions of slavery.

The former element involves the enslavement of the human mind, binding the soul of the viewer to a highly addictive substance, which thrives on the traumatization and dehumanization of men, women and children of all races. Pornography is leaving countless victims emotionally injured, relationally distraught and spiritually empty as times passes on, however no amendment has been passed to say enough and allow our nation the opportunity it needs to heal. As with slavery, that healing process will undoubtedly take years to unfold. 

If we truly care about our society, the preservation of our humanity, and the protection of both young and old in our nation then we must decide to abolish pornography in America. For those who say you can't legislate morality, I disagree, particularly when you consider our laws reflect the moral perspectives of the many or the few in our country. The truth is we legislate on the basis of what we believe is right or wrong. Our Declaration of Independence and Constitution exemplify this very fact.

This is why I firmly believe that fighting for the abolition of pornography in our nation is a valid and necessary process, aided by our nation's powerful history which affirms our citizenry must continue boldly striving for the establishment of laws that will uphold the values and principles which are in the end just, right and based in truth.